Photo Gallery of the 1990's

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Master Wong at Yip Man's grave in Fanling. Sifu Clive Potter trains with Master Wong. Wong Shun Leung discusses Chi Sau with Clive Potter and Anthony Kan.
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Sifu Clive Potter with Wong Shun Leung at the Hong Kong school. Sifu Clive Potter Chi Sau's with Master Wong. One of the many seminars Master Wong gave in the United Kingdom.
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Sifu Anthony Kan Chi Sau's with Master Wong. Wong Leung refreshes the Baat Jaam Do form for Clive Potter Master Wong explains a technique to Sifu Anthony Kan.
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Sifu Clive Potter demonstrating the Ving Tsun pole at a Barcelona seminar. Master Wong explaining a point with Sifu Anthony Kan at one of the U.K. seminars. Wong Shun Leung enjoys himself taking control in chi sau.

Training stops for a photo

Lewis Luk, Clive Potter, Wan Kam Leung, Yuen Yim Kuen

Cliff Au Yeung, Rusper Patel, Ko, Clive Potter and Jonathan Wong with Wong Shun Leung