We teach Tai Chi as a daily relaxation practice for body and mind.

Get fit gently.

Come and learn in a friendly, welcoming environment.

Benefits of Tai Chi include...............

Relieves back pain
Relieve stress
Stronger legs and better mobility
Improves balance and stability
Improved flexibility
Help relieve arthritis pain
Increased energy and vitality
Reduces blood pressure
Increases co-ordination
Promotes deep breathing
Increased calm confidence
Improve core strength


Sifu Clive Potter has studied Yang Tai Chi for many years in Guangzhou, China under Grandmaster Fang Ning and also one of Grandmaster Fang Ning's top students, Mr. Fan.


Come along and join in..................

Every Monday at 7:30pm




Large Hall

Fleetville Community Centre

Royal Road

St. Albans



Tel: 07885 894 130
EMail: clive@cpcomp.co.uk